Customs clearance of shipments

Parcels from individuals

Parcels for legal entities


In order to successfully pass customs
registration, the necessary information about the order
and features of this procedure, as well as rates
for international shipping.

No additional actions are required to send documents abroad. It is important to understand how international parcel delivery works, and that all documents that are exported from Ukraine are scanned by X-ray and scanned for the presence of prohibited attachments:

  • passport;
  • money
  • workbooks;
  • credit cards;
  • powders;
  • pieces of fabric;
  • metal parts;
  • flash drives;
  • jewelry;
  • Keys and other little things

Anything they can detect during the inspection, except paper, can be removed and disposed of.

List of documents for customs clearance

For each sending (parcel) from an individual,
which are not documents we are preparing a package of documents:

Invoice in English - 1 pcs.

In the invoice, it is necessary to indicate the quantity of the product, its value, and, if possible, the HS Code. If you cannot find the HS Code, we will help you with this.

download DOC

Check or receipt

If the goods have not been purchased, and it is the sender's personal, second-hand, or purchased a long time ago and there is no receipt, then it is necessary to prepare a "letter of intent".

Passport 1,2 pages and residence permit

If instead of a passport, an ID Card is required, then a copy on both sides + an insert with a residence permit.

There are two parcel options available for businesses and companies:

the client draws up the export declaration independently. To do this, we provide the number of the air waybill, which the sender fills in the customs documents;
GlobalPost personally provides the client with customs brokerage services.

In this case, the client must provide us with a list of the following documents:

1. Document confirming the value of the goods;

  • bill of lading;
  • costing;
  • A letter indicating the cost of this sample is addressed
  • to customs and signed by the director and chief accountant;
  • expense invoice;

One of these three documents is enough to confirm the cost of shipping.

2. Accreditation card (“Extract from the register of persons carrying out transactions with goods”)
3. Foreign trade agreement (if samples are sent free of charge, in which case a letter is required).
4. Invoice – 1 pcs. in English. Invoice form in English. Download

Invoice in English

Agreement on cooperation

Terms of service

Additional documents

It may also be needed when sending from
private person, and when sending from a legal entity:

gemological certificate for shipment, which may contain precious metals and stones

export permits from the trademark owner (if the trademark is registered with the Ukrainian Patent Office)

phyto-sanitary certificate for food products, grain samples, etc.

in the case of any difficult to perceive equipment or material, it is necessary to provide a technical description of the product in any form

certificate from the Ministry of Culture that this product has no historical and artistic value. This mainly applies to books, paintings and art objects

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