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About our service

Who are we?

GlobalPost is a logistics company with a modern and reliable service of cargo transportation and deliveries of varying complexity to any corner of the planet. The vast majority of our clients are legal entities or individual entrepreneurs. GlobalPost focuses on speed, quality and flexibility.

How is GlobalPost different from others?

We have a wide range of services in our arsenal – from express delivery in Ukraine to international delivery to anywhere in the world. And we also have a calculator where you can independently calculate the cost and delivery time depending on the urgency.

What does GlobalPost deliver?

We work in the field of delivery of documents and small parcels weighing up to 30 kg. Delivery of goods is carried out in the cities of Ukraine, we also offer services for international delivery of any parcels, with a few exceptions, we are engaged in the delivery of sea containers, we provide air freight services.

What does GlobalPost NOT deliver?

The company does not deliver those parcels that are prohibited by law, such as money, drugs, etc.
You can find the full list of prohibited items here.

Do you deliver only in Kyiv?

We work all over Ukraine! We also have international delivery of parcels and documents – you can send your cargo from anywhere in the world!

About delivery tariffs

What is the cost of delivery in Kyiv?

Delivery in Kyiv city for our customers is 100 UAH per package or parcel weighing up to 2 kg.

What is the cost of delivery in Ukraine?

The price for delivery depends on the direction, type of shipment, weight and declared cost. Standard express delivery is 120 UAH per package to big cities. You can calculate the cost of delivery to other regions of Ukraine by yourself using the Calculator.

What is the cost of international shipping?

The price for delivery depends on the direction, type of shipment, weight and declared cost. You can calculate the cost of international delivery yourself using the Calculator. For example, the cost of sending documents abroad is: to the USA – from 1414 UAH, to China – from 1831 UAH, to Europe – from 1274 UAH.

About the specifics of the work

How to place an order?

You can place an order in 3 ways:

1. By phone or Viber.

2. Via e-mail office@globalpost.ua. In the letter, indicate the name, contact phone numbers of the sender and the recipient, addresses – where to pick up and where to deliver the parcel and the cost of the shipment (if you need a return delivery of funds to the sender).

3. Order a courier call on our website.

*Registration of delivery through the Personal Account on the site will be available after signing a cooperation agreement with us.

Mode of operation of the delivery service

We accept applications and deliver parcels to addressees according to the schedule from Monday to Friday: 08: 00-18: 00. Every Saturday and Sunday we work depending on the volume and availability of orders on weekends.

Do I need to wait for order confirmation by phone?

Each application is processed manually and in case of any questions, the operator will call you for clarification. Applications created independently in the Personal Account are most often processed automatically. After the application procedure, you will receive a letter confirming the order.

The processing time of the application by the operator is up to 15 minutes.

Can I place an order by phone?

You can contact us by phone and we will place the order. However, to avoid the risks of incorrectly recording information from your words, it is best to send the data in writing.

The most optimal options for ordering are Viber, e-mail.

How to properly pack the order before shipment?

Make sure that the contents of the parcel are not prohibited
is not prohibited for delivery. Packaging must be reliable and protect the cargo from mechanical damage possible during transportation by road and air.

Packaging of the parcel is the sender’s responsibility. We can do it for you for an additional fee.

We provide free recycled cardboard envelopes for packing letters and other correspondence.

Make sure that you enclose a correctly filled air waybill with your shipment. The courier will leave you a signed copy of your air waybill upon pickup.

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