Privacy policy GlobalPost

GlobalPost complies with the law on the protection of personal data received from customers when providing courier services, and invites you to familiarize yourself with the privacy policy and its terms before starting work.
Rights and obligations of users
All GlobalPost clients have the right to receive information about the conditions and procedure for the processing of personal data that they provide when receiving the services of the company. By creating a personal account on the official GlobalPost website, a person confirms that he gives permission for the processing of personal information by company managers. To respect and protect the rights of other users, customers must:
* take care of the safety of their own personal data and not provide them for use by others;
* comply with the requirements of legal prohibitions and the company’s policy on the collection, use and dissemination of personal information about other users;
* not to take actions aimed at violating the rights of other customers in the field of personal data protection.
The scope of rights and obligations is the same for all clients of the company.
Collection, processing and use of personal data of users
Personal data is personal information that can be used to identify a specific recipient of services. GlobalPost may collect and use information about its customers only to the extent necessary to provide delivery services. In particular, the company has the right to use and process personal data, which include:
* last name, first name and patronymic of users;
* contact phone number or e-mail address;
* information about payment for GlobalPost services;
* history of sending and receiving parcels, etc.
All personal information received can be used by the company to provide services ordered by customers and their quality service. The Company also has the right to collect non-personalized information about the use of the official website https://globalpost.ua/, which includes:
* information about the type and version of users’ browsers;
* location data of mobile devices;
* general information about the time and duration of the session, the IP address from which the site was logged in, cookies, etc.
Non-personally identifiable information may be used by GlobalPost employees to collect and process statistical data. The use of the information received for personal purposes is unacceptable.
Security and protection of personal data of customers
All information about the identity of the customer, the services provided to him is stored on the resources of GlobalPost. Access to it by other persons is limited by the current legislation of Ukraine and the internal policy of the company.
The Company takes all possible measures to protect personalized information and statistical data, but is not responsible for the activities of Internet access service providers, possible loss of information due to the fault of third parties and disclosure of personal data by recipients of GlobalPost services. .
The official website of GlobalPost uses cookies. These are small files with text information that the operating system sends to the user’s device when using a web resource. The data obtained from these files is used to analyze and improve the quality of the services provided by the company.
Final provisions
The GlobalPost team has the right to change the Privacy Policy and the terms of its connection with the changes made to the operation of the site. All innovations are posted on the main page of the site https://globalpost.ua/ to inform users.

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