International delivery services Terms of provision

1. Definitions and abbreviations

1.1. International express consignment note is an accompanying numerical document, which is a contract for the carriage of each individual international express-shipment and contains information about the Sender, Recipient, content, and weight of international express Shipment (hereinafter – Shipment).

1.2. An invoice is a document provided by the seller to the buyer that contains a list of goods, their quantity and price, formal features of the goods (color, weight, etc.), terms of delivery, and information about the Sender and Recipient.

1.3. International express Shipment is a properly packed international shipment that contains documents or goods (except those prohibited by the law of Ukraine or the country of destination for shipping across the customs border), which are accepted, processed, transported by any mode of international transport using transport document to deliver Cargo to the Recipient in an expedited manner within a specified period.

1.4. Customer is a payer for services of international express delivery (transportation) and/or services for customs clearance of Cargo.

1.5. Sender is an individual or legal entity specified in the consignment note as the Sender. 

1.6. Recipient is an individual or legal entity specified in the consignment note as the Recipient. 

2. General provisions

2.1. These Terms of Service of GLOBAL-POST EXPRESS LLC (hereinafter – the Terms) apply (and is an integral part) to all agreements on the provision of international express delivery services concluded between GLOBAL-POST EXPRESS LLC and individuals or legal entities and regulate the procedure for providing a range of services related to the international express delivery of shipments from/to the territory of Ukraine. The conditions apply in the version in force at the time of transfer of the Cargo for the provision of GLOBALPOST services. The current version of the Terms is published on the Contractor’s Website here: https://globalpost.ua (hereinafter – the Site) and shall enter into force on the day of its publication. The Contractor has the right to unilaterally review (change) these Terms.

2.2. The Customer is obliged to check the Terms from time to time. If the Customer implements the actions provided for in clause 2.3 of the Terms, it is regarded as unconditional consent and acceptance of a new version of the Terms by the Customer.

2.3. In matters of the necessary documentation, list of prohibited goods, etc., these Terms are governed by the laws of the Sender and Recipient.

2.4. GLOBALPOST has the right to engage third parties at its own discretion to fulfill its obligations to the Customer, as well as the right to choose or change the mode of transport, route of transportation, the order of transportation of the Shipment.

2.5. The invalidity of any of the provisions of these conditions does not entail the invalidity of other provisions, as well as the conditions of carriage in general.

3. Types, weight, and permissible dimensions of shipments

3.1. With international delivery, two types of shipments are distinguished:

3.1.1. Sending of documents – business papers, written business or private correspondence, air tickets, as well as any messages, information or data on any media (paper or electromagnetic, including floppy disks, CDs, films, etc.), which have no commercial value and declared value and do not contain information, the movement of which across the customs border is prohibited by law or the movement of which requires the permission of the relevant public authorities of the country. A detailed list of content considered documents is provided on the Site.

3.1.2. Cargo is a shipment that contains items, things, property, goods, or materials any with a declared value. Such a shipment must be accompanied by an Invoice and is subject to customs clearance in both the country of departure and the country of destination; it also may be insured. A list of shipment content that is considered prohibited for acceptance is presented on the Site.

3.2. The cost of delivery of Cargo is determined by tariffs, in UAH, according to the type of Shipment, country of dispatch and receipt, delivery area, weight, and selected service.

3.3. If the Shipment must be transported only under certain conditions not prohibited by these Terms, or its weight or dimensions exceed the limits for the standard format (1000 kg and 120cm*80cm*200cm), delivery of such Cargo is possible only by prior agreement, and both time and the cost may differ from those presented in the tariff. The Contractor has the right to refuse to accept shipments, the conditions of transportation of which he cannot satisfy. If the Sender has not previously notified the necessary conditions for delivery of the Shipment, the Contractor is not responsible for the consequences of non-compliance with these conditions.

3.4. The actual weight is determined by weighing the Shipment on the scales.

3.5. The volumetric weight is determined by measuring the dimensions of the shipment according to the following formula: VOLUMETRIC WEIGHT [KG] = Length [cm] × Width [cm] × Height [cm] / 5000

3.6. The calculation of the cost of transportation of the Shipment is carried out paying attention to the biggest figure of volume and actual weight, unless otherwise specified, depending on the type of service (services).

3.7. The weight of the Shipment can be checked by a GLOBALPOST representative and changed in case of non-compliance with the declared one. The cost of shipping, in turn, can also be increased. At the request of the Sender/Recipient, GLOBALPOST can provide information on price changes due to control weighing. Control weight

 noted in the consignment note by a GLOBALPOST employee. A bigger unit of weight is displayed on the Site.

4. Packaging of shipments

4.1. The Sender is fully responsible for ensuring the proper inner and outer packaging of the Shipment in order to adequately protect its contents from the risks of damage arising from the transportation, handling, and sorting using automated sorting equipment (including possible falls from a height of 80 cm). and automatic devices for loading, reloading, and unloading. If necessary, different climatic conditions should also be taken into account. The packaging must exclude the possibility of access to the contents of the Shipment without leaving traces of disclosure. The Sender is fully responsible for compliance with the above requirements for the packaging of the Shipment.

5. Items prohibited for transportation

5.1. The Contractor shall not accept shipments, the contents of which are prohibited or dangerous items. An up-to-date list of dangerous, prohibited, and unacceptable items is available on the Website: https://globalpost.ua/zapreshhennyj-k-perevozke-gruz/. The Sender undertakes to check the specified list from time to time.

5.1.1. In the case of sending shipments, the content of which may be considered an object of material and spiritual culture that has artistic, historical, ethnographic, and scientific significance and is subject to preservation, reproduction and protection in accordance with Ukrainian law, the obligation to prove that the content of such Shipment is not of any cultural value, relies solely on the Recipient (or Sender) and at his expense;

5.1.2. In the case of shipments, the contents of which may be considered cold steel, the obligation of proving that the contents of such shipments are not cold steel relies solely on the Recipient or the Sender and at his expense;

5.1.3. In the case of shipping parcels, the content of which requires the issuance and/or obtaining permits of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (hereinafter – the Ministry of Health of Ukraine), the obligation to obtain any permits of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine required for customs clearance relies solely on the Recipient or Sender at his expense.

5.2. By transmitting the Shipment for GLOBALPOST transportation, the Sender confirms that the Shipment does not contain dangerous or prohibited items in accordance with this section. GLOBALPOST does not check whether the Shipment is subject to special conditions of carriage. If the Sender has any doubts about the safety of the Shipment during transportation, the Sender must inform GLOBALPOST and send an official letter on the possibility of transporting the Shipment, taking into account its specifics. If the Sender has not informed GLOBALPOST about these features by sending an official letter, it is considered that the Shipment does not contain items that are dangerous, prohibited or not allowed for transportation by the Contractor.

5.3. The Sender shall be liable for any direct or indirect losses arising in connection with the Shipment of Shipments that are not allowed for transportation in accordance with this section or in cases where GLOBALPOST was not properly informed about the specifics of the transportation of the Shipment.

5.4. In the event that the Sender violates the conditions specified in clause 5.1 of these Terms or the conditions described in clause 5.2, any liability for loss or damage on the part of GLOBALPOST is excluded.

5.5. GLOBALPOST reserves the right, without any liability and further claims on the part of the Customer, to refuse to accept or stop the provision of the service on shipments that are dangerous for shipping or prohibited by law, GLOBALPOST rules, or the rules of third parties (engaged by GLOBALPOST to fulfill its obligations to the Customer).

5.6. If the Sender delivers a Shipment that does not comply with any limitation or condition set forth in these Conditions without the written consent of GLOBALPOST, GLOBALPOST shall not reimburse any loss that the Sender may incur in connection with the shipping by GLOBALPOST of such a cargo, including freight charges.

6. Shipment security check

6.1. GLOBALPOST has the right to check the shipments for their compliance with the security conditions and the absence of items prohibited for transportation in accordance with clause 5.1. of these Terms. Security checks are carried out by using X-rays or, if there is a reason to believe that the contents of a particular item are to be excluded from transportation, by opening the item. The Sender unconditionally agrees to such security checks for all shipments. The dispatch security check time is not included in the standard delivery time.

6.2 If the results of the security check of the item, which included the disclosure of the item, found that the contents are not dangerous or prohibited, such an item is properly packaged and continues to be shipped to the Recipient’s address.

6.3. If during the security check of the Cargo it is found out that the contents are prohibited, dangerous or unacceptable for transportation, GLOBALPOST has the right to refuse further transportation of such Shipment with the obligation to inform the Sender of a refusal. The Sender must immediately collect the Shipment at his own expense. If the Sender does not require dispatch within five working days, clause 11.13 of these Conditions shall apply. If the contents of the Shipment indicate signs of a criminal offense, GLOBALPOST has the right to report this to law enforcement agencies or other competent public authorities.

6.4 GLOBALPOST shall not be liable for direct or indirect losses caused by damage resulting from security checks on shipments, in accordance with the terms of this section.

7. Information required for registration of the shipment

7.1. All shipments are accompanied by an international express consignment note containing the following information:

Sender Information:

For legal entities and individual entrepreneurs – name, address*, full name, mobile phone number of the contact person.

For individuals – full name, address *, phone number. Country and city of dispatch. Postcode or ZIP code of the shipping address.

Recipient Information:

Full name, address*, phone number. Country and city of delivery. Index or ZIP – code of the receiving address.

Shipping Information:

-Number of packages.

-Actual weight and dimensions of the Shipment.

7.2. For shipments of the “Cargo”, a pro forma invoice or a commercial invoice must be issued. These documents must be approved by the signature**** (for individuals) or the Sender’s seal (for legal entities). The commercial invoice is drawn up by the Sender and must be printed on the official letterhead of the legal entity and approved by the company seal (if any) and the signature of the chief accountant and manager.

7.3. The Customer must provide additional documents required by the customs authorities of the country of the Sender or Recipient without fail.

7.4. All data must be provided in English and/or the language of the country of the Recipient and/or the Sender, if required by the customs authorities of the country of the Recipient and/or the Sender (otherwise the Customer agrees with automatic translation and transliteration).

7.5. At the request of state authorities, during customs clearance, the Sender or Recipient must provide additional documents and/or information about the goods transported in the Shipment, as well as who is the Sender or Recipient.

7.6. The Sender is responsible for the validity, completeness, and accuracy of the information on the goods contained in the Shipment, that are described in the consignment note and for ensuring that all shipment packages contain valid, complete, and accurate contact details of the Sender and the Recipient. It is the responsibility of the Sender to ensure that the shipments are properly packaged, labeled, and marked, that their described and classified contents are accompanied by such documentation as may (in any case) be required for their transportation and that they comply with all requirements of these Conditions and applicable laws.

8. Conditions for shipment acceptance

8.1. The Sender and/or the Customer is obliged to inform the Recipient of the international consignment note number, the estimated delivery time, the possible charge, and the amount of the fee that may be paid as a result of the delivery of the Shipment to the country of destination.

9. Conditions for receiving shipments

9.1. GLOBALPOST can deliver the consignment to the Recipient indicated in the consignment note or to any other person who can accept the Shipment on behalf of the Recipient (for example, people residing in the same premises as the Recipient or neighbors of the Recipient), except cases when there are any reasons to doubt the right of such person to get the parcel. GLOBALPOST is under no obligation to verify the identity of the Recipient (for example, to request identification documents).

9.2. If the attempt to deliver the Shipment was unsuccessful, GLOBALPOST has the right to use any alternative delivery methods. Such alternative methods include the following (but are not limited to): redirecting delivery to an alternative address; permission for the driver to leave the parcel at the Customer’s premises; change of the service chosen by the Sender or the date of delivery; delivery of the item to a person who is next door to the Recipient in the same building and is ready to accept delivery. If there is no person in the neighborhood or in the same building, any person in the neighboring building (which, however, should not be more than 50 m) can get the delivery, or the company can deliver the item to the nearest post office.

9.3. The customer/sender waives any claims that may arise against GLOBALPOST if GLOBALPOST acted in accordance with the instructions received from the Recipient. GLOBALPOST or its partners/counterparties may use electronic devices to confirm delivery and the Sender agrees that he will not object if GLOBALPOST refers to a printed copy of the Recipient’s signature received and stored in electronic form.

10. Additional services

10.1. The “Shipping Tracking” service provides the ability to track the location of the Shipment at any time using the number of the express consignment note (by order number). You can use the service on the Website by entering the order number or express consignment note in the functional window.

11. Storage

11.1. The number of days of “free” storage (the cost of storage is included in the cost of delivery) from the moment the Shipment arrives at the point of issue, as well as the number of guaranteed attempts to deliver the Shipment when ordering the shipment service “to the address” provided by GLOBALPOST is determined by the individual country of the Recipient.

11.2. Depending on the country, after the last day of free storage (the last delivery attempt), the Shipment is returned to the GLOBALPOST warehouse for subsequent storage. The storage of the Shipment can be extended at the initiative of the Customer.

The maximum storage period of a GLOBALPOST shipment is 30 calendar days.

11.3. The Recipient must, within the time limits established by the current legislation of the relevant country and these Terms, carry out the customs clearance of the Shipment on his own or order the appropriate service from a GLOBALPOST partner. In the event that the Recipient fails to carry out customs clearance of the Shipment, GLOBALPOST reserves the right to return such a shipment to the Sender. In this case, the costs associated with the return of the Shipment are paid and/or compensated by the Customer.

12. Disclosure, return, use, and disposal of items

12.1. The Contractor has the right to disclose, return, use at its own discretion or dispose of the items in accordance with the following.

12.2. The Contractor has the right to disclose shipments for the following purposes:

– in order to preserve the contents of a damaged shipment;

– for the purpose of identifying the Recipient or Sender, if this cannot be established by other means;

– in order to eliminate the risks that may be caused by sending in relation to any people or their property;

– in order to verify compliance with legal requirements and orders of public authorities.

12.3. The Sender is responsible for reimbursement to the Contractor for all expenses incurred by the Contractor as a result of opening and/or using and/or destroying and/or returning the item from abroad.

12.4. Cases when it is impossible to deliver the Shipment (including, but not exclusively) are the following:

– Shipment has not been delivered to the Recipient’s address after multiple delivery attempts. – The content of the Shipment is prohibited by the laws of the country. 

– The Shipment is not cleared within 25 calendar days.

-The difficult political situation of the country.

– The Shipment is damaged and is not subject to further transportation. 

– The Recipient’s refusal to receive the Shipment.

12.5. In the cases described above (with the exception of prohibited, dangerous and damaged shipments), GLOBALPOST, as agreed by the Customer, will return or dispose of this Shipment. In this case, the Customer undertakes to pay any costs incurred by GLOBALPOST in connection with the return or disposal.

12.6. If the Customer’s agreement and payment guarantee for the return are not received within 30 calendar days after the Shipment arrives at the GLOBALPOST warehouse, GLOBALPOST reserves the right to dispose of the Shipment at its own discretion without any liability to the Sender and Recipient.

13. Terms of shipments delivery

13.1. The terms for the delivery of items are indicated in working days from one capital to another capital and do not include the day the item was picked up. Delivery times are indicative and cannot be regarded as clearly defined and guaranteed; they may differ from those indicated in the consignment note or on the Site and do not include the following:

– the date of transfer of the Shipment for transportation;

– weekends;

– official holidays;

– days on which banking institutions do not work;

– duration of delays associated with checking the security of items; 

– terms of customs clearance of shipments;

– delays caused by circumstances beyond the control of the Contractor.


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