How to send precious and semi-precious stones and metals abroad

Sending precious and semi-precious stones abroad is regulated by the customs legislation of Ukraine. Customs clearance of such cargo is provided for by a special document that defines the procedure for sending precious metals, semi-precious and precious stones.
The concept and registration of transportation of precious metals and stones at customs

By precious stones, legislators usually mean minerals that are mined naturally and not created artificially. Among them are rubies, sapphires, diamonds, alexandrites and pearls in their original form.

Precious metals are gold, platinum, silver, ruthenium, iridium, osmium, palladium and rhodium. They do not corrode and are distinguished by brilliance and noble beauty. It is quite difficult to find them in the natural environment, for which they have a high price.

Semiprecious stones are minerals that can be found everywhere, they have a great species diversity, so their price is much lower. They are often used in the production of various jewelry and in the manufacture of various products.

Precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones for shipment abroad must undergo the procedure of registration at customs posts of special purpose. For this purpose, special customs regimes of processing on the territory of the customs service or outside it are provided.

Features of transportation

Below we will consider the features of sending precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones abroad. To do this, you need to consider the following points:

  • It is necessary to obtain government permission when it comes to unique nuggets. Other types are sent abroad according to quotas set by the state. Exported metals and stones must meet the standards adopted by Ukraine and the London Bullion Market Association.
  • The shipment of processed and unprocessed precious metals and stones abroad is carried out in amounts not exceeding the amount of 10 thousand euros, in accordance with the provisions of the Customs Code of Ukraine and the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of 21.05.2021.
  • The same regulations govern the export of precious metals and items made of them abroad.

It is worth noting that Ukrainian legislation prohibits the export of ore and scrap of precious metals, as well as precious metals. Diamonds are transported beyond the Ukrainian border in accordance with Article 373 of the Customs Code.

Sending precious metals, semi-precious and precious stones is quite complicated due to the fact that these minerals are of high value. It is impossible to send them in the cabin of a simple car, as it is prohibited by law.

It is better to send such valuable cargo abroad in armored cars and with additional security. Ordinary carrier companies do not have such cars, so they will have to be hired. For the export of valuable cargo it is necessary:

  1. Execute all documents issued by authorized persons of state bodies. In addition to the license and other permits, it is also necessary to make documents containing permission to export valuables from the country.
  2. Properly pack. It is necessary to carefully pack the valuables so that they reach the end user safe and sound.

But there are also other nuances. For example, determining a route that will effectively solve the “time-money” issue.


When sending precious metals, semi-precious and precious stones abroad, it is necessary to take out insurance for all these values. This will allow you to receive full compensation in case the valuable cargo is stolen or damaged.

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