Delivery of diplomas, labor, birth certificates

Loss of documents can result not only in monetary expenses, but also in an extremely unpleasant and lengthy recovery process. Nevertheless, in some cases sending these documents within Ukraine and abroad is a necessity. For example, there are often situations when an enterprise needs to return the employment record book to an employee who was dismissed or resigned independently, and then left the territory of our country. In another situation, a labor emigrant must confirm the availability of higher education while abroad, for which he needs a diploma.
How to solve the problem?

Diploma, birth certificate or employment document can be delivered independently, but it is accompanied by significant financial costs, takes a lot of time and can be dangerous. It is much more convenient to entrust such a task to a courier delivery service, such as Global Post.

The advantages of this option include

  • prompt delivery of valuable documents;
  • reliability – the risk of document loss is minimized;
  • transportation of documents to most countries and regions.

It is also worth noting that the sending and receiving of diploma, birth certificate or employment documents is performed on a “hand to hand” basis.

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