Transportation of animals abroad

Transportation of animals abroad: how to transport and what is needed for this

Many people want to take a pet with them when going to another country, but they will have to face some difficulties that are difficult to predict. Although it is quite an achievable goal.

Of course, all states are afraid that animals will bring infections with them, so the rules for their import have been tightened. To do this, you need to take a few steps.

Study the requirements of the country

In many countries, the rules governing the importation of pets are different. There are states that are characterized by an increased infectious risk, so it is almost impossible to import pets. In countries where the import of animals is allowed, the authorities require compliance with all regulations. You can get acquainted with them on the website of the specialized authorities of the country where the owners of the animal go.

The country with the strictest veterinary services is Australia, they require all vaccinations and examinations in any accredited country. But even when importing an animal, the latter must be quarantined for 10 days.

In Israel, in addition to rabies vaccination, the authorities require a blood test for antibodies, and in Britain animals are imported only as cargo in the luggage compartment and only by a carrier who has a license. Before traveling to Thailand, you need to inform the regulatory authorities about your intentions and obtain permission.

Choose a place of residence

It is also necessary to provide for this, because each country has its own rules not only for the import of pets. After all, not every hotel will let a guest with a dog or cat, fearing for the condition of the room. And in the neighborhood may live people who are allergic to animal hair.

Therefore, when booking a room or accommodation for rent, you must find out whether the owners allow pets and find out all the conditions. It is worth knowing that often you have to pay extra for this.

What to carry and how to fly

Pets are best transported in two ways:

  1. in the cabin;
  2. in the trunk.

It is allowed to take a pet weighing up to 8 kg in the cabin. The animal must be in a special container. One adult has the right to transport one animal in a carrier. But it is worth remembering that you may not be allowed into the cabin if the animal smells.

In the cargo compartment, airline owners will create all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay of the animal. The trunk is characterized by tightness, good heating and the ability to fix containers. For pets exceeding the weight of 45-50 kg, you need to draw up a contract for the carriage of goods.


It is necessary to issue a veterinary passport for the animal, which will contain all the information about vaccinations and examinations. But you also need to make a permission to leave the country – veterinary certificate №1.

It is issued in state veterinary hospitals. It contains information about the pet, the owner and where they are going.

Experts advise for thoroughbred pets to take a certificate that they will not be used for mating, so that the owner is not suspected of exporting an exclusive animal. If the species of the animal is valuable, it is better to keep silent about it. But at the exhibition you need to show confirmation.

The airline should also be notified and its consent should be obtained. They need to send all the documents by e-mail.

As you can see, it is quite possible to go abroad with an animal. But you will have to collect documents, negotiate with companies, put all the vaccinations and draw up all the documents. The rules of the country for the import of animals should be studied, and also book a hotel with the clarification that they allow pets there.

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