Terms of services for delivery within Ukraine

1. Categories of services

1.1 Express 18. Delivery of documents to recipients across the territory of Ukraine is carried out on the next business day until 5:00 pm after the receipt of the goods for transportation from the Sender. Exceptions are cities located at a distance of 600 km or more. The cargo is issued to the representative of the Recipient, regardless of the contact person indicated in the express waybill. The location of the Sender or Recipient is a place that can be reached by the representative of the Contractor (hereinafter referred to as the Contractor) – for documents and goods weighing up to 5 kg.

1.2 Express 12. Delivery of documents on the territory of Ukraine is carried out on the next business day until 12:00 midday after receipt of the shipment from the sender. Valid only for cities listed in Appendix No. 1 with delivery rates. When sending within the same city under the Express 12 category, delivery is carried out on the same day, provided that the shipment is picked up from the Sender by 12:00 midday the current day.

1.3 Express 10. Delivery of documents on the territory of Ukraine is carried out on the next business day until 10:00 am after receiving the shipment from the sender. Valid only for cities listed in Appendix No. 1 with delivery rates. When sending within the same city under the Express 10 category, delivery is carried out on the same day, which takes up to 3 hours or the next day before 10:00 am, if it suits the customer.

1.4 Delivery times are calculated in working days and do not take into account the day of receipt of the shipment from the Customer

1.5 Delivery “Direct in hands” is made exclusively to the person indicated in the consignment note with a contact phone number. If it is impossible to deliver personally to an individual indicated, the delivery is agreed with the sender and after that the delivery is made or postponed to another time.

1.6 “Message” – return of the original invoice signed by the recipient. It is carried out within 7 working days from the date of delivery to the recipient.

2. Packaging of shipments

– Freight shipments must have containers and packaging. The shipment must be packed taking into account its properties in order to ensure safety during transportation.
– The packaging of goods must be clean, dry, without external damage, and access to the contents.
– The nature of the packaging must be suitable for the contents of the shipment and the weight, ensuring that the contents are preserved inside the package.
– When choosing a package, it is important to pay attention to the conformity of dimensions, so the inner packaging must be tightly packed and free of voids.
– The packaging must be appropriately marked according to the nature of the cargo (do not turn over, fragile, treat carefully, etc.).
– Metal, glass, plastic containers in which liquid cargoes are packed must be hermetically sealed and protected from leakage.
– Goods requiring special conditions of storage and transportation must contain appropriate markings and accompanying instructions. Otherwise, the Contractor shall not bear any responsibility for damage to the cargo.
– It is forbidden to pack goods of different nature (glass, paper, hazardous materials, etc.) in one box (container) in order to prevent damage during transportation. Such goods must be kept in different containers.
– In the absence or non-responsibility of packaging to these requirements, the Contractor reserves the right to refuse to collect the cargo or is not responsible for its storage during transportation.

3. Goods that are prohibited for shipment

– Passports or other proof of identity
– Cash and equivalents (credit cards, outstanding checks, savings books), as well as company shares, excise stamps, etc.
– Hazardous materials (flammable and combustible materials).
– Narcotic drugs, radioactive, explosive, caustic and other dangerous substances.
– Firearms, pneumatic, gas, ammunition, as well as the main parts of firearms.
– Precious and semi-precious stones, products made from them.
– Animals and their skins.
– Medicine
– Ashes.
– Tobacco products.
– CDs, discs containing software and databases.

Compliance with the correct regulations and laws in force in each country is the responsibility of the sender. Shipments are subject to inspection by customs or other government officials, which may result in delays. Our company reserves the right to consider the possibility of transporting any shipment that has not been issued according to the rules for sending goods. For example, if when registering, the nature of the cargo, its purpose was not indicated, or it does not have accompanying documentation.

The sender agrees that his shipment is acceptable for transportation or is considered unacceptable if:
– it is classified as hazardous material, dangerous goods, items prohibited or restricted for transport by such organizations as IATA (International Air Transport Association), ISAO

4. Measurement of the actual or volumetric weight of the cargo

The weight of a shipment can be measured in two ways: actual weight (with packaging) or volumetric weight (with packaging), depending on what parameter is bigger. For lightweight bulk shipments, the volumetric weight is used. In order to determine the volumetric weight, it is necessary to measure in centimeters the three overall (maximum) dimensions of the cargo in the package and apply the following formula: (length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm)) / 4000 = volumetric weight (kg) )

5. Placing an order

It is possible to place an order for the transportation of goods by phone: call the Contractor (044) 501 15 61
To place an order, the Sender or Recipient must provide the Contractor’s dispatcher with the following information:

• Address, telephone, Sender’s company name, contact person of the Sender, Sender’s working hours and breaks;
• Destination (a city);
• Number of seats;
• Approximate weight or volume of cargo to be transported;
• Payer.

The Contractor must have at least 3 hours to fulfill the order, otherwise, the Contractor has the right to refuse to fulfill the order. If the Customer has agreed with the Contractor’s representative less time for Execution, such order may be accepted for execution.
If the Sender or Recipient incorrectly/incompletely indicates/provides or does not indicate/provide the above information at all, the Contractor reserves the right to refuse to accept the order or does not guarantee its timely execution.
When placing an order, the shipment must be fully prepared for transportation in order to avoid downtime for the Contractor’s courier.

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