Sending product samples and issuing MSDS certificate

Sending product samples is a widely demanded service used by companies wishing to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign partners and advertise their products.

In order for the sent sample to reach its recipient, the sender must know the basic customs and tax nuances. First of all, you need to determine the purpose of the shipment – for example, indicate that the product is intended to familiarize the buyer with the further goal to expand the sales market.

Samples of the following goods are allowed for shipment abroad:

  • dog or cat food (in small quantities);
  • food products from the manufacturer (sweets, coffee, tea, canned food, drinks, chocolate) – special documentation must be provided;
  • honey weighing up to 2 kg for examination in the laboratory;
  • cosmetics and perfumery.

In rare cases, you can also send samples of alcohol and tobacco products.

Help with MSDS Certification

The MSDS passport is an international document that is drawn up taking into account the requirements of the regulatory legal acts of the importing country (in European countries – the REACH regulation). It is issued in the language of the recipient, concerns the shipment of chemicals abroad, and is part of the accompanying documentation.

In order not to deal with these issues on your own, to avoid spending time and money on this, it is better to entrust it to Global Post specialists. They guarantee the safety of the shipped products, as well as help with the preparation of related documentation, including the MSDS certificate.


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