GlobalPost responsibility

GlobalPost liability is limited to direct losses and may not exceed the limit values per kilogram of shipment weight.

GlobalPost doesn’t reimburse any other loss or damage, (including, but not limited to, lost profits, interest income and business prospects), whether such loss is special or indirect, even if GlobalPost has been notified of the risk of such damage or loss both before or after receiving the shipment.

GlobalPost’s liability for any individual shipment is limited to the actual cost and may not exceed the amount calculated at the rate of UAH 50 per kilogram of shipment weight.

No more than one claim may be made for each shipment, and the calculation made is recognized as a full and final settlement for all losses incurred in this connection. If the Sender considers the above payment limits to be insufficient, he must declare the value of the goods separately and declare the need for insurance, or insure the cargo himself. Otherwise, all risks of damage and loss of cargo pass to the sender.

Claim deadline

All claims must be made to GlobalPost in written form within thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of the GlobalPost shipment; otherwise GlobalPost will not be liable for any claims.

Circumstances independent of GlobalPost

GlobalPost shall not be liable for any damages caused by circumstances beyond the control of GlobalPost. These circumstances include, but are not limited to:

  • adverse effects of electric or magnetic fields on electronic or photographic images, data or records or their erasure, any defects or characteristics due to the nature of the shipment, even if reported by GlobalPost;
  • any acts or omissions of persons who are not employees or contractors of GlobalPost, namely the consignor, consignee, third party, customs authorities or other officials;
  • “Force majeure” – earthquake, cyclone, hurricane, flood, fog, hostilities, aircraft crash or embargo, riots or riots, industrial conflicts.

Delays in the transportation of goods

GlobalPost will take all reasonable steps to deliver the goods according to the regular GlobalPost schedule, but such a schedule is not required to be performed and is not part of this contract. GlobalPost does not carry any liability for any damages or losses due to delays in delivery.

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