How to send a bank card from Ukraine

Many of our fellow citizens are currently abroad and have faced the problem of the expiration of the bank cards of our favorite Ukrainian banks.

Of course, you can always reissue a virtual card using Privat 24 or the Monobank application. But unfortunately, not all our banks provide the opportunity to do this.

This page and mini-instructions are specifically for those of our customers who need to reissue a plastic card.

In order to send a bank card outside of Ukraine, you need to follow three simple rules:

1. The card must be accompanied by a certificate from the bank (preferably in English or with a translation) stating that:
   this card is not activated
   or that it does not contain funds
   or that it is blocked for the period of transportation
2. Calculate the cost of delivery using our calculator
3. Order delivery and pay for it

To receive a bank card abroad, in the case of sending with a certificate, as specified in point 1, the recipient will not have any problems with the customs of the country of receipt and the card will simply be delivered by courier to the recipient’s address.
Also, we advise you not to attach the PIN code to the card, but to send it separately

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Cost of delivery

Ship to Express Economy
1906 UAH 1429 UAH
2080 UAH 1975 UAH
North America
1957 UAH 1662 UAH
South America
2342 UAH 1966 UAH
2140 UAH 1930 UAH

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