What are technical exports?

If you are an entrepreneur and are planning to send your products abroad, but you don't know yet how, what steps to take. Or you are a buyer from abroad and want to buy from a Ukrainian entrepreneur his products, but the seller has no experience in selling abroad yet
If this is the case, a technical exporter can help you

Self-exporting requires a skilled approach to business. The exporter will have to:

  • negotiate with the buyer, based on the rules of international law;
  • obtain permits for the import of goods into another country, to pay customs duties;
  • draw up FEA contracts in accordance with international law;
  • prepare documents for export;
  • become registered with the Customs Service of Ukraine.

Also note that mistakes in the implementation of FEA are fraught with financial and reputational losses.

Will the technical exporter be able to solve the problem of selling products abroad?

Definitely yes.
If you use the services of a technical exporter, then you can avoid many difficulties and focus on what you do best.
In Ukraine there are many companies providing such services, including GlobalPost.

We made our first delivery abroad in 2017 and since then the range of products sold by us on behalf of clients has expanded many times.

Technical export services from will cost you 5% of the invoice amount, not including shipping costs.

What you get in return:

  • negotiating with the buyer or seller;
  • conclusion of contracts on foreign economic activity;
  • preparation of export documents
    Preparation of documents for export;
  • delivery of goods to the buyer (if necessary);
  • control of payment by the buyer.

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