Shipment Delivery Rules

GlobalPost’s main goal is to be fast and careful
delivery of your shipments. Shipments are being processed
each time they pass through the points
GlobalPost partners worldwide.


To ensure that your shipments arrive at their best
condition, use the following packaging tips
and helpful tips for preparing your shipments.


Boxes are convenient for packing because of a variety of the sizes and forms;

Wooden containers are suitable for heavy products and mechanized movement;

Reinforced two-layer cardboard is a cheaper alternative to wooden boxes


cardboard envelopes for light documents;

cushioning, soft or bubble envelopes for carrying items such as disks, cassettes, keys and small electronic parts;

Do not use cloth envelopes.

The issue of packaging quality

Do not use damaged containers and boxes;

use high-quality wrapping and cushioning material;

Remove old labels and stickers when reusing boxes;

Consider the strength and reliability of your chosen packaging;

Pack carefully to protect your shipment.

Shock-absorbing materials

Protect fragile products with shock-absorbing material by partitions / gaskets; on all sides;

Use strong reinforcements to protect sharp edges and ends of products;

Decals "Fragile" and "Handle with care!" does not apply to economy packaging.

When sending wooden boxes, make sure
that the corners of the boxes are securely protected and that the boxes have no cracks.

Keep your packaging in a dry place until the courier arrives.

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