Delivery of humanitarian aid

Dear friends.

In this difficult time, we cannot stand aside and do not work. Many people know that in 2014 we already relocated from Donetsk, where our main office was. Now it happened again. But we hold on thanks to the Ukraine Forces and our friends.

Many of our employees and partners went to defend the state in the ranks of the Ukraine Forces. Those who remain have now developed a convenient scheme for delivering humanitarian aid from EU countries to Ukraine.

Together with our friends from the Churilo Brothers Charitable Foundation, we have the opportunity to import humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
Our partners in Slovakia provide us with a warehouse that accepts goods, sorts them, prepares the necessary documents.

Then the cargo is loaded into the car and delivered to Ukraine and unloaded at our warehouse in Uzhgorod.

From the city of Uzhgorod we ship goods either directly to recipients (customers) or send to the address with the help of our carrier partners. In addition, we also have the opportunity to send cargo with the help of special railway cars of Ukrzaliznytsia. Delivery by car can take place in any city where trains are currently running.

For delivery, we accept any cargo not prohibited by applicable law, in particular: medicines, clothing, coders, food, protection elements for SRW and APU, walkie-talkies, optics and more.

We do our work for free. Our partners in Slovakia also do their work for free. The only cost in this case is fuel for carriers for delivery from Kosice to Uzhgorod.

If you have the opportunity to help us transport cargo from Kosice to Uzhgorod, you are welcome to join our ranks. We need any help and it is very important. Join us!

Our contact details are

+380637772686 Dmytro Kolosovskiy – Director of the company



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