Safety passport for dangerous goods for air transportation: all about the document

Air transportation is a fast and reliable way to send cargo anywhere in the world. To avoid problems with customs clearance, suppliers are required to comply with the rules for transporting dangerous goods by air.

There are 9 classes of classification of hazardous substances, and for each there is a special packaging. In case of violation of transportation conditions, a number of goods pose a threat to the lives of transport workers. They can also harm the environment and damage the vehicle. The Dangerous Goods Safety Data Sheet allows you to send goods by air.

General rules for transportation of dangerous goods by air

Transportation of dangerous goods is carried out in accordance with the instructions of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the regulations of Ukraine. Products that meet the requirements of one of the nine classifications are required to have a number of accompanying documents.

  • Cargo safety passport. Further transportation conditions depend on the accuracy and correctness of the completed document.
  • Declaration – a sample document is selected depending on the classification of the cargo.
  • Special packaging with marking that corresponds to the hazard class of the goods.
    A document confirming the airline’s consent to the transportation of dangerous goods.

Some goods are strictly prohibited for transportation by air. Before drawing up the documentation, it is important to familiarize yourself with the classification in detail or contact the airline representatives to confirm the carriage of dangerous goods by air and collect the accompanying documentation that the carrier will indicate.

What cargoes are classified as dangerous?

The classification is extensive, the full list of names can be found in the Air Code of Ukraine, as well as on the IATA website.

This classification includes explosives, flammable liquids, caustic and poisonous substances, oxidizing materials, gases under pressure. The goods safety data sheet allows you to transport such goods by air. Among the main products that are dangerous are the following:

  • Lithium-ion batteries;
  • Hydrogen peroxide, saltpeter and bleaches;
  • Paint and varnish products, industrial solvents;
  • Aerosols and lighters;
  • Heating elements, pyrotechnic products;
  • Radioactive substances.

An individual or legal entity sender is fully responsible for the transportation of dangerous goods by air and possible damage that may be caused to the goods during transportation. The absence of appropriate marking on the packaging of the parcel is a violation of the law, which may entail criminal liability in the event of a transport accident and death.

What is a cargo safety passport?

This is a technical document with information on the conditions of storage, use and disposal of hazardous items. The sections of the passport must be completed in accordance with the requirements of national, European and international legislation: DSTU GOST 30333: 2009 DSTU GOST 31340: 2009 ISO 11014: 2009 EU Regulation No. 1272/2008. It is necessary to prepare a cargo safety data sheet before the start of transportation by air.

The document contains the following sections:

  • Name of the goods;
  • Information about the supplier and manufacturer;
  • Prevention of emergencies;
  • Methods of first aid in case of emergency;
  • Basic conditions of transportation and storage;
  • Impact on the environment, toxicity class;
  • Safety rules in case of contact with hazardous product;
  • Document of compliance with the legislation of Ukraine and international standards.

To avoid difficulties during the preparation of the document, you can contact specialists who will promptly prepare a passport in accordance with international standards.


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